Friday, 22 June 2012

Lunchtime Read (22-06-12): Going Green!

Hi All, I tried to revive my old PC the other day by updating the platform it runs on. Its on an ASUS P4VM800 mobo and seems to be too slow for windows 7. Im currently looking at some sort of Linux alternative... will update you to let you know how i get on...

in the mean time...i stumbled across an interesting website that seemed dedicated to all the latest energy efficient (low consumption) devices, whether it be a external drive to a fully functional media server.

With more and more people starting to actually care about the environment, its doesnt come as a surprise that there are more companies looking into providing ways in which users (of any electrical devices) can save energy.

The site is:

I found it rather 'cool' and very informative... if i had some sort of rating system, i'd give this a 4.5/5

Some interesting info about the Raspberry PI also. May consider actually getting one,...i just need to find a good use for it!....oh well. Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated..

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