Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ghetto iPhone Screen Protector

For those of you looking for a cheap alternative to buying a screen protector for your iPhone...look no further. here's a solution thats absolutely for all you kiddies with iPhones whose mum's gave you some money for a screen protector - save it and put it towards something useful a decent belt to hold your pants up!.lol
OK. so all you need is some Scotch Tape....and our all set. Once you have that, stick some on your screen on the areas that you want to protect ...and voila!...your screen is protected....easy enough!...............

.......and if you still arent happy with it stop being tight and just spend 99p+ to buy one! :p


  1. how ghetto will you go?! lol
    check this one!!

  2. haha that is hilarious. it reminds me of a video i saw on youtube the guys does the same thing