Wednesday, 18 September 2013


A little annoyed this morning
Haven't been able to update this blog for a while....motherboard died!..

Monday, 6 May 2013

Another Busy Day in the OFFICE!!

It’s Bank Holiday today in the UK, and I’m here still working as usual.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Lunchtime Read (22-06-12): Going Green!

Hi All, I tried to revive my old PC the other day by updating the platform it runs on. Its on an ASUS P4VM800 mobo and seems to be too slow for windows 7. Im currently looking at some sort of Linux alternative... will update you to let you know how i get on...

in the mean time...i stumbled across an interesting website that seemed dedicated to all the latest energy efficient (low consumption) devices, whether it be a external drive to a fully functional media server.

With more and more people starting to actually care about the environment, its doesnt come as a surprise that there are more companies looking into providing ways in which users (of any electrical devices) can save energy.

The site is:

I found it rather 'cool' and very informative... if i had some sort of rating system, i'd give this a 4.5/5

Some interesting info about the Raspberry PI also. May consider actually getting one,...i just need to find a good use for it!....oh well. Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated..

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Ghetto iPhone Screen Protector

For those of you looking for a cheap alternative to buying a screen protector for your iPhone...look no further. here's a solution thats absolutely for all you kiddies with iPhones whose mum's gave you some money for a screen protector - save it and put it towards something useful a decent belt to hold your pants up!.lol
OK. so all you need is some Scotch Tape....and our all set. Once you have that, stick some on your screen on the areas that you want to protect ...and voila!...your screen is protected....easy enough!...............

.......and if you still arent happy with it stop being tight and just spend 99p+ to buy one! :p

On Yer Bike!

With the weather getting better each day here, im thinking its time to get my bike out and enjoy the sun while i can. It would make the commute to work a lot pleasant imo... ..i just need to pull it out of my shed and give it a quick wash and its good to go.. -one of the benefits of owning extra gears or parts to clean. love it!...........but i still want a new

the pic above is what im aiming to get (or something similar)...... always wanted a Dolan Track Champ tho....maybe i'll get one this year :)...if anyone's selling one..holla!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

iPhone app of the week: Logos Quiz Game

..bored at work?...have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?.... then here's an app you may like. It's called Logos Quiz Game [Link]. It's basically about guessing each the company name by it's logo...sounds simple, right?? I downloaded it yesterday whilst waiting for a friend and, believe me, i was addicted to it after the first 2 minutes!... Bewarned it can be highly addictive and can lead to severe frustration if you don't have much patience! It's a great game in my opinion as everyone can relate to it. I'm sure you'll see something that'll make you think "where have i seen that before?" or "i know what it is but i just can't think of the name.." either i enjoyed playing it. so much in fact i actually forgot about my friend.......until he interrupted my game by calling

btw i'm not in anyway affiliated with the game designer/author, etc. ...just a bit of legal info incase!..


Welcome to my blog.
as the name suggests this blog is about anything... (absolutely anything...o_O)
in time i hope to achieve some sort of direction for this but for now it will just be about what my life has to offer right now.
let me just start with a brief introduction. Im a 26-year-old IT technician (...yeah i know 'typical geek'..) but rest assure i detest conversing about 'megabytes', 'gigabytes' and comparing computer speeds. I've always been an active person interested in all sports, fun stuff, the latest gadgets (for the IT geek side of me :|) and the usual guy stuff (eg. nice women, nice cars, nice clothes & nice women..hehe!).
well the story right now is that after sitting around not doing much at home i realised that everyone seems to be really open about expressing their thoughts via blogs...nice idea, but some people take it too far and you end up finding all sorts of crap on the net. My aim is to jott all my thoughts down (before i forget..) and at the same time provide a more pleasant browsing experience by blogging my random web finds and anything i feel necessary... pretty much it for now...I'm sure i'll start something soon..