Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Welcome to my blog.
as the name suggests this blog is about anything... (absolutely anything...o_O)
in time i hope to achieve some sort of direction for this but for now it will just be about what my life has to offer right now.
let me just start with a brief introduction. Im a 26-year-old IT technician (...yeah i know 'typical geek'..) but rest assure i detest conversing about 'megabytes', 'gigabytes' and comparing computer speeds. I've always been an active person interested in all sports, fun stuff, the latest gadgets (for the IT geek side of me :|) and the usual guy stuff (eg. nice women, nice cars, nice clothes & nice women..hehe!).
well the story right now is that after sitting around not doing much at home i realised that everyone seems to be really open about expressing their thoughts via blogs...nice idea, but some people take it too far and you end up finding all sorts of crap on the net. My aim is to jott all my thoughts down (before i forget..) and at the same time provide a more pleasant browsing experience by blogging my random web finds and anything i feel necessary... pretty much it for now...I'm sure i'll start something soon..

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