Tuesday, 8 May 2012

iPhone app of the week: Logos Quiz Game

..bored at work?...have an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad?.... then here's an app you may like. It's called Logos Quiz Game [Link]. It's basically about guessing each the company name by it's logo...sounds simple, right?? I downloaded it yesterday whilst waiting for a friend and, believe me, i was addicted to it after the first 2 minutes!... Bewarned it can be highly addictive and can lead to severe frustration if you don't have much patience!..lol. It's a great game in my opinion as everyone can relate to it. I'm sure you'll see something that'll make you think "where have i seen that before?" or "i know what it is but i just can't think of the name.." either i enjoyed playing it. so much in fact i actually forgot about my friend.......until he interrupted my game by calling me..lol.

btw i'm not in anyway affiliated with the game designer/author, etc. ...just a bit of legal info incase!..

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